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Bir is a community leader. Successful Financial Strategist, Advisor and an Author with a proven track record. Also, founder of Inter-Faith Charities International Inc.    


Recipient: President Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award
Served as: Honorary State Chairman - Nat'l Congressional Committee
Recognized as: Businessman of the Year - Nat'l Business Advisory Council - Washington DC
                        Listed in: Who's Who in Corporate America                                                    and many more.........

Recipient:  Several National Quality and Standard of Excellence  Awards     ++


After losing everything in 1995, I decided to learn HOW the game of Money is played and IRS Rules & Laws affecting Money.     

What I learned was amazing - RESULTS   I discovered:

  • You can:  Loss - Proof your Money and still Get ONLY the Upside of the Stock - Market WITHOUT the downside risk
  • You can:  Lock - In your Money in Tax - Free environment – so you are Not affected or worried, when the taxes adjust
  • DID WE KNOW:  Money in Tax-Free environment will Pay-Out over 50% more for the Same Dollars
  • You can:  Guarantee NEVER to Outlive your Retirement Income and access your Money Tax-Free (Not just Tax-deferred)
  • You can:  Put your Money on Auto-Pilot, Loss-Proof it, while still getting Stock-Market Returns. So Money keeps working itself
  • You can:  Have Financial Stress-Free future, so you can enjoy life and do the things you always wanted to do like travel, enjoy family, children, grand children, charitable or philanthropic work etc.   ++


To share and empower everyone with the knowledge and what I know about Money.

So, everyone can have Financial Security and Peace-of-Mind

NO Matter What Happens to the Economy, Stock Market, Taxes or your Health - Yes even your Health
(When Income STOPs - due to health problems - BILLS Don't STOP, where will money come from? Our proprietary - "Income Replacement Program" could be your answer)


This is a tribute to my father, who used to say: "Son when you grow-up try to make something of yourself, when you do, then just do not tip toe thru life, help uplift others......" thus, this give back to the community, and the Inter-Faith Charity. 

This is my Humble Gift for our community, country and the people I love = YOU!



NONE this is my giving back to the country and the people who have been so good to me and given me the opportunity.

However, if you feel someone else can benefit from what I do, then you have my full permission to FWD this W/S link:

President & CEO
Financial Advisors of America Inc.

February 1980 – Present - Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, Calif.

We are a nationwide company. We show our clients HOW TO: Loss-Proof their Money and have it Grow,

Compound & Pay-Out in a Liquid, Safe and Tax-Free, environment - So, No matter what happens to Taxes, Economy, Stock - Market or your Health our clients are Not affected.

Visit us at:

Inter-Faith Charities International Inc.


When I was growing up, my father used to say "Son when you grow up make something of yourself and when you do, just do not tiptoe thru life, help uplift others".

That has always stuck in my mind, thus founding of: Inter-Faith Charities International

My vision is to bring everyone together for common Good of ALL - Blessings

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